A quick glimpse of what we have done until now.
From helicopter racing games to marijuana farming, we’ve done it all

Operação Abaporu

In this incredible investigation game, you’ve been assigned to find out where the most valuable Brazilian art, the Abaporu painting!

Desafio Fantasma

In this game you will control a radio-controlled helicopter and your objective is to accomplish missions inside a haunted house as fast as possible.

Traffic Slam

Grab a helmet and your favorite pair of driving gloves. These ain’t no bumper cars!

Missão H-18

In ‘Missão H-18’ the player controls a radio-controlled helicopter and needs to accomplish missions inside his house as fast as possible. Each level unlocks special rooms in the house.

Velozes do Oeste

Race through canyons, abandoned mines and the Old West in this exciting game with remote controlled cars. Tired of playing against the computer? Create your own contest, send the link to your friends and race against each other!

Cartada Final

Cartada Final is a card games portal focused on Brazilian market. This is not just a bunch of card games together, it’s a social network with multiplayer card games!

Stake Your Stash

Stake Your Stash is a fresh and exciting take on multiplayer trivia for iOS and android devices.


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